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No Colourants
No Preservatives
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The Farm

Fresh Frozen Herbs

The herbs are grown in Clocolan in the Highlands area of South Africa, on 2 adjacent farms. No insecticides or herbicides used. All the herbs are planted by hand and cut and hoed mechanically or by hand, creating a lot of job opportunities. From picked to frozen and packed, takes less than an hour with the results being that the freshness and flavours locked in, to ensure a healthy product.


  • Founded in 2002
  • Situated in Clocolan, Free State
  • Founders: Flip and Riana Minnaar (Highland Essential Oils), Mundus and Hugo Joubert (Makoadi Farm)
  • IQF Herbs exported to Europe in bulk
  • Aug 2006 Start distribution in 250ml polystyrene tubs in South Africa

The Product

  • Herbs planted on the 2 adjacent farms
  • No insecticides and herbicides are used
  • Mechanical and Hand hoed