Guide in using Icy Herbs

How to use Icy Herbs

Most people feel that they do not have enough knowledge on how to use herbs in cooking. You do not need to be an expert or a professional chef to use herbs. Anybody can cook with herbs, you just need to play around. Frozen herbs are very easy to use. It has the same intensity of flavour of fresh herbs, but the convenience like dried herbs.

You keep the herbs frozen in the freezer. I would advise you to store the herbs at the back or the coldest area of your freezer. When you want to use it, you take it out of the freezer and scoop the amount of herbs you want to use out of the container, and put the rest back in the freezer. The herbs that you will use should be used straight in the food without defrosting.

Frozen herbs should be used in cooking as fresh herbs would. Here is a basic guide that you can follow when cooking with herbs.

Tips on using herbs

Herbs should never overpower a dish. You can always add more, but once you’ve added too much, you can’t take it out. Use herbs according to their classification.

Herbs and Healthy Cooking

Herbs are not only used in food to add flavour and colour to food, but can also be added as a healthy attribute. Since the beginning of time, people have turned to plants for healing help. It is rather ironic that this form of medicine, the oldest and still the most important in many parts of the world should in some way be considered alternative. For more information on what herbs add to the body, click on each herb separately.