Storage and Handling


ICY HERBS is a frozen product and needs to be kept frozen at all times! The herbs are broken into small pieces that looks as if it has been chopped and are individually, loosely frozen.

This makes it very easy to use because it is not frozen solid like a rock and therefore is it not necessarily to defrost before using it. With time it stands in your freezer, it will tend to gravitate and will look as if it more solidly frozen, but just loosen it up with a fork and it will be as good as new.

When buying it in the store, you will find it packaged in a polystyrene container which will keep the herbs frozen until you get home. You will find Icy Herbs in the grocery stores at the frozen vegetables section. Back at home, put the herbs straight in the freezer again. It is advised to put it in the coldest area of your freezer like the back, never in the door. When using the product, take the container out of the freezer, take a spoon and scoop out whatever you need and put the remaining product back into the freezer.

Never leave it outside. If you ever forget it outside and it was completely defrosted, most of the herbs will turn black because of the essential oils present in the herbs that will make it black. Depending on how much essential oils that are present in the herb, will determine if it will go black or not. A herb like parsley and rocket for instance doesn’t go black because they do not have a high consistency of oils in their cells. Basil again are very high in essential oils and will go black.