Why choose Icy Herbs?


  • Taste like fresh herbs
  • Ready to use like dried herbs
  • Available throughout the year
  • Kept frozen it will last for years without losing taste
  • No waste
  • Time saving
  • Natural goodness preservation
  • No preservatives or colourants

How does Icy Herbs (Freshly Frozen Herbs) compare to Dried and Fresh Herbs:

Frozen Herbs: These quality, South African grown herbs are also exported to Europe!


Just as easy and convenient to use as dried herbs. You do not need to defrost before using it, you use it frozen - ready to use like dried herbs.

Frozen herbs are available throughout the year and not bound by seasons. The colour and the taste is the same as fresh herbs. It doesn’t have any waste, because it is already chopped and separated from the stalks. It has a shelf-life of 3 years if the cold cycle is not broken. After opening, you can use it for longer than a year if kept frozen. Gone with the continuous waste of fresh herbs and distasteful, unappealing effects of dried herbs!!!

Bulk users will also find that it is time saving to use our product instead of fresh herbs, because no work is needed before you can use the product. We don’t use any colourants or preservatives!!

Disadvantages of Frozen Herbs:
Disadvantages of Fresh Herbs:
Disadvantages of Dried Herbs:

Needs to stay frozen otherwise is might turn black!! Thaw very easily

Not all frozen herbs can be used for garnishing

Fresh Herbs: Always better to use than dried herbs because it adds better colour and flavour to your cooking. It looks good for garnishing.

There is a lot of waste involved in using fresh herbs. Some herbs you can only use the leaves, but are sold to the consumer with stalks. Fresh herbs are also very perishable, and if not used fast enough, you’ll be forced to discard whatever you did not use.

Herbs are also seasonal plants and can is therefore difficult or extremely expensive to find during certain times of the year

Dried Herbs: Very convenient and easy to use and is available throughout the year.

Herbs’ essential oils evaporate when dried and causes that most of the flavour and colour disappears.

Gets mouldy after several months (3-6 months) in the kitchen and taste lacks even more.

Doesn’t look as appetising as fresh herbs.